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Bellow is the download package of BrowzOS' page sources, available in various formats accessible to GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and various other operating systems. Bellow each download link will be a CRC-32 checksum, an MD5 checksum and an SHA-1 checksum for verification of the available packages.

In order to open and extract some of the archive files bellow, an archiving program must be used. The PeaZIP project is highly recommended for this; not only is it open-source (released under the GNU GPL,) but it can readily create/access a huge number of file formats (PeaZIP can open/extract RAR, 7zip and various other archive formats) and is readily available for Windows and various GNU/Linux distributions. This is very useful not only for those who cannot pay for a license to use WinRAR, WinZIP or similar, non-free archiving programs for Windows, but is especially useful for those who use GNU/Linux instead of Windows and cannot otherwise install these utilities. PeaZIP is also good for editing and rebuilding an archive for redistribution purposes (except for RAR archives, for which you need to buy a license to use WinRAR under Windows).

In order to verify file checksums under Windows or Mac OS X, use HashTab; it is free to download and use, but is not open-source. This utility can verify a good number of checksum types, including MD5, CRC-32 and SHA-1 checksums.

To verify file checksums in GNU/Linux, type the command "md5sum /.../browzos_source.ext" in a command line window, where "/.../browzos_source.ext" should be replaced with the full path and file name of the downloaded package, including the file extension. If verifying an SHA-1 checksum is preferred, replace the "md5sum" command with the "sha1sum" command.

Here are the available packages:

* Note: Some archiving programs installed on any non-Windows computer can access the contents of a self-extracting executable, even though these can only execute under a Windows environment. This archive is intended for Windows users who do not have an archiving utility such as PeaZIP installed on their system and who cannot download/extract any of the other archive formats for some reason (such as a slow internet connection, faulty/corrupt archive file access and other Windows-related problems).

Usually, GNU/Linux and many UNIX-like operating systems come with some binary program for working with Tarballs and even ZIP archives. Some distributions may not include 7zip or RAR file support; hence, the recommendation to use PeaZIP.

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