BrowzOS comes packaged with PunBB 1.3.4 as forum software. Please note that PunBB has to be installed via a specialised installation procedure.

In order to install PunBB properly on a website, extract the zip file's contents into this folder & log into (where is a place holder for the website's domain/subdomain name). From there, follow the proper installation procedure. Once that is done, edit the script "linkdock.js" (found in the "browzos_source/dock" directory of the download package) to omit this page (instructions for doing so can be found inside the script file).

PunBB is not as secure as other forum software packages unless CAPTCHA has been implemented to prevent spamming on the forum; fortunately, CAPTCHA is available through an updates repository from within the forum's administration utilities. Please note that the used CAPTCHA method is also open-source.

Even though PunBB has been included in this download package, this doesn't mean PunBB has to be used on a website; any forum software can be used.